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Chairman's Leadership Circle

San Francisco, CA
Increase Employee Morale

Recognize and encourage values-based leadership that benefits both your organization and the greater community

Award Benefits

Recognition by the General H. Hugh Leadership Center at NC State University

Open Space
Cornerstones of Value Based Leadership



To recoginze and enhance the leadership development commitment of Chairman's Leadership Circle members, the Shelton Leadership Center will arrange unique opportunities for participation by members.

By invitation from General H. Hugh Shelton, USA (R), 14th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a cross-section of leaders in American sociey- business executives, entreprenuers, retirees, academicians, civic leaders and other opinion shapers - that hold a deep interest in our nations;s leadership, prosperity and security are being identified to participate in unique leader-to-leader experiences as members of
"The Chairman's Leadership Circle" at the Shelton Leadership Center at North Carolina State University. These individuals or corporate entities are aligned with the values-based leadership mission and activities of the Shelton Center,

"to inspire, educate and develop values-based leaders committed to personal integrity, professinal ethics, and selfless service."

Chairman's leadership Circle members will receive invitations to participate in exclusive events and unique activites that will provide them with a better understanding of our nation's special leadership role in the world related to military affairs through briefings fieldtrips, receptions, dinners, etc. that present important aspects of national security and leadership. We anticipate that members will want to share the importance of the new knowledge and insights they have gained.

Individual and Corporate Constituency Annual and Cumulative Membership Levels

  • Founding Members join at the inception of the Chairman's Leadership Circle formation in 2010 with a gift/pledge of $5,000. Founding members will assist inexpanding the number of Mission Partners or Sustaining Partners.
  • Mission Partners join after the first year of the formation of the Chairman's Leadership Circle with a gift of $5,000 and pledge to enroll additional Mission or Sustaining Partners.
  • Sustaining Partners contribute $2,500 or more during any given year to sustain and grow the values-based leadership development programs of the Shelton Leadership Center.

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