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By invitation of Gen. Hugh Shelton USA (Ret.), 14 th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Chairmanís Leadership Circle will welcome individuals, corporations, and agencies to join this exclusive group.

The invitation details the goals and opportunities afforded by joining like-minded supporters who want to contribute to the development of values-based leaders, while at the same time, participating in some extraordinary opportunities.

In 2011, these opportunities are in two forms:
First, corporate and agency members may nominate one employee in their organization to receive the Chairmanís Leadership Award for Values-Based Leadership, an awards program that reinforces a culture of values-based leadership. Or, the entity may nominate someone outside their agency who meets the criteria for the award. The award will be presented to the employee and their employer at a company ceremony or at the annual Shelton Leadership Forum. This is an excellent opportunity to recognize leadership excellence, increase employee morale, promote ethical leadership, and honor values-based leaders. Entities will be provided an opportunity to nominate different individuals for each of three years from the date of membership. Continuation in subsequent years will be dependent upon assistance of recruiting new members or providing sustaining membership (see brochure).

Second, in 2011, members will be invited to participate in 3-4 of the following representative activities that provide unique leader-to-leader insights into leadership and national security.

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