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Drop off and pick up information for week of program

The weeks of the Shelton Challenge for the UNC-Charlotte and two NC State programs, students will be able to check-in to the residence halls between Noon and 1 PM. At UNC-Charlotte, students will check-in at Holshouser Hall. For both weeks at NC State, students will check-in at Bowen Hall. For all other locations, please go to their main sites directly, which can be located on our website "Dates and Locations".

For check-out on Friday of each week, we will be having a graduation ceremony that all parents are welcome to attend. The ceremony will be from 4:30-6 PM. Students will be able to leave following the ceremony. At UNC-Charlotte, the graduation ceremony will be held in McNight's Auditorium in the Cone Center on campus. For both NC State's programs, the graduation ceremony will be held in Witherspoon Auditorium.

If parents would like to come a head of time to collect student's belongings prior to the graduation ceremonies, we encourage pick up before 4pm.

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