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How to Sponsor a Youth or Support Through Other Donations:

The General H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center is seeking your help to provide more opportunities for youth, like those who have described their experiences below, to attend the Shelton Challenge this summer.

"Attending the Shelton Challenge is not just about a one-week experience that ends at graduation; it is rather the beginning of a life-long journey in your personal and leadership development. The seeds that were planted during my original week as a Shelton camper are the resources that have empowered and motivated me to reach the leadership achievements I have throughout my college education." - Anna Patton, North Carolina, 2003 Shelton Challenge Graduate

"When I first applied for the Shelton Challenge, I was really scared. I was uncertain of where I was going and the people I would meet. It was only the beginning of a great adventure. I met so many great people, I decided to apply to go to N.C. State. And now, as a sophmore, every day when I feel scared I remember the risk I took and how it has helped me so much." - Aileen Rodriguez, Puerto Rico, 2006 Shelton Challenge Participant

"Everyone asks me why I came all the way from Hawaii to the Shelton Challenge? Simply put--this leadership training is one of a kind that you can't find anywhere else. I have used all that I have learned in my personal, work, and school life. Trust me, once you have been to Shelton, you will want to keep coming back." - Carina Surface, Hawaii, 2008 Shelton Challenge Graduate

"The Shelton Challenge has taught us things about ourselves that we had never known, but also has brought us together in a way that very few in this generation have experienced. The Shelton Challenge is “The leadership experience for the next generation.” - Matthew Crowell, Oklahoma, 2008 Shelton Challenge Participant

Our program’s philosophy is to make this leadership development opportunity accessible to any youth who meets the minimum requirements and not limit anyone from attending due to financial means. The service fee a youth is responsible to contribute to attend the Shelton Challenge is $600 for one week. However, the actual cost per student costs our program approximately $650 per youth to attend the institute. Therefore, we appreciate your consideration to help support the Shelton Leadership Challenge Institute in one of the following ways:

Sponsor Form

If you would like to provide financial support for the Shelton Challenge, please complete a Sponsor Form [doc]

Please make checks payable to: Shelton Leadership Center - (memo line - Shelton Challenge). Please return a completed form and check to: General H. Hugh Shelton Leadership Center, NCSU Campus Box 7401, Raleigh, NC 27695-7401.

The Shelton Challenge thanks our highlighted Sponsors:

CFF and State Farm

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