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weekend of Service

Shelton Scholars Participate in First Weekend of Service

In September, Shelton Scholars joined volunteers with the North Carolina Coastal Federation to plant trees and maintain rain gardens at Hammocks Beach State Park for the first Shelton Weekend of Service.

“This weekend gives something back to the local community and provides an opportunity for the scholars themselves to come together and learn about one another’s differences and commonalities and grow as servant leaders,” Debbie Reno, the Shelton Leadership Center’s coordinator for educational programs and training, told The Jacksonville Daily News.

Besides a chance to dig their hands – and their boots – into the sandy soil to pitch in, the weekend was an opportunity for reflection, bringing together students from the center’s diverse scholarship programs to reflect on their responsibilities as leaders in their communities.

After the work finished, scholars had a chance to meet with Gen. H. Hugh Shelton, the executive director of the center. Shelton, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, invited the students to his Morehead City home for a cookout and an opportunity to talk, in-depth, about their experiences at NC State and his own experiences as a values-based leader.

To read coverage of the Shelton Weekend of Service, visit: http://www.jdnews.com/news/service_59722___article.html/leadership_scholars.html.

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