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The General Clara Adams-Ender Scholarship for Global Understanding

The General Clara Adams-Ender Scholarship for Global Understanding

General Clara Adams-Enderís 34 years of distinguished service in the US Military provided her with a unique view of the global community. The first woman in the U.S. Army to earn the Expert Field Medical Badge, GEN. Adams-Ender has also been awarded 14 honorary doctorate degrees in law, public service, humane letters and science. While at the US Army War College in 1982, she had an epiphany that is still clear today: Achieving world peace depends on each individual. It involves the work of each person doing his or her best to establish relationships with another individual through which each is willing to acknowledge each other's values and to work together to resolve any conflict that may arise as a result of the differences in values.

Her sense of adventure and passion for making friends throughout the world has led her friends and associates to create an endowed fund to support international enrichment experiences for students who receive scholarships through the General Hugh Shelton Leadership Center. This endowment shall be used to provide scholarship enrichment experiences for undergraduate students who receive leadership scholarships through the Shelton Center for Leadership Development at North Carolina State University. This scholarship is established to honor the life and career of GEN. Clara Adams-Ender and her commitment to global understanding.

If we could learn to put more emphasis on our similarities rather than our differences, more progress could be made in world peace and understanding.

~ General Clara Adams-Ender

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