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Edward Gore/General Hugh Shelton Upperclassmen Leadership Scholarship

The Edward M. Gore, Sr. family has created the Edward M. Gore, Sr. Environmental Education and Research Endowment in conjunction with the North Carolina State University College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Ed Gore sites his love for Sunset Beach, the natural environment, and the citizens of Brunswick County as the motivating factors in establishing the endowment. The Shelton/Gore Scholarship Endowment will provide college scholarship support to Brunswick County student leaders. The awardee must be a 4-H member who has completed their sophomore year and is attending either NC State University or Campbell University who has participated actively in the Brunswick County 4-H program. The 4-H Awards Handbook, Scholarship Guide, and Scholarship Application are available in the 4-H Awards & Incentives Programs Handbook.

For further information concerning 4-H scholarships, please refer to the website

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