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Leadership Public Service

It is within the reach of NC State University to be the preeminent land-grant university in the world in preparing our citizens for a lifetime of engaged leadership excellence.

NC State University has a special mission as a land-grant institution. Our leadership outreach programs embrace the unique role of the university as an "engine of change". Communities benefit from the most recent research findings, public policy developments, and emerging technologies and practices.

Connecting leadership study with public service strengthens communities and develops the next generation of values-based, civically engaged leaders.

Shelton Leadership Center Endowment

This fund will dedicate faculty, staff and program resources to developing future generations of exemplary leaders. The Center will reflect the aspirations and strengths of multiple university programs.

National Shelton Leadership Forum

National and international figures address contemporary leadership issues of interest to audiences including corporate, government, military, and community leaders, as well as faculty, staff, and students. Leadership, ethics, and social responsibility seminars will promote active learning and entrepreneurial thinking and action.

Targeted Invitational Seminars

These seminars will connect the research base and technology transfer potential of the university to public policy constituencies and the private investment community.

Campus Community Service

NC State is committed to engaging in contemporary issues to improve the health and well-being of our citizens, to stewardship of our natural resources, and to economic prosperity. Faculty, staff, and students will provide valuable community service while developing leadership skills and reflecting on the deeper meaning of experiences.

There are naming opportunities and giving options at every gift level in each department and college at NC State. We look forward to discussing your investment in shaping the leaders of the state, nation and world, whether it's by supplementing a program or by making a truly transforming gift.

Ways to Give

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