Initiating a Work Request

  1. Work request should be directed through the Building Liaison.  If the Building Liaison is not available, Please call the Customer Service Center at 515-2991.

  2. The Building Liaison will be responsible for determining whether the request should be phoned in (Priority #1), written up on a work request form or submitted through Web FM to the Customer Service Center.

  3. The requestor and/or Building Liaison is responsible for providing all pertinent information to the request.

  4. Upon receipt of the request, the Customer Service Center will enter the data into the FMS work order system. If the work request is of a routine/planned nature, the Customer Service Center will mail back a copy of the request form with the work request number that is assigned to the request. If the work request is a Priority #1, the Customer Service Center will enter the data in the FMS work order system and the request will be dispatched immediately to the appropriate area for repair.

Initiating a Minor Renovation Project and Requesting
an Estimate

  • The customer initiates a project by submitting a work request through the Building Liaison.

  • The request is reviewed to determine if a Facilities Modification Request is required. A Facilities Modification Request is a provisional review that takes into account space allocation and zoning, safety concerns, consistency with the NC State Master Plan, and aesthetics.

  • The project is assigned a project manager. The project manager contacts the customer to develop a scope of work that includes any required project deadlines. The project manager also develops an estimate. Developing a project scope and providing estimates are free. The customer can decide if they would like a fixed price or a time and materials contract. The customer is asked to pay for detailed design if required to provide a fixed price.

  • The project manager will prepare a proposal for review by the customer. Once the proposal is executed, the project will be turned over to the shops for construction.

  • The scheduler will contact the customer to schedule the work and the shops will then perform the work.

  • The project manager reviews the work with the customer and the shops will repair any discrepancies, if required.

  • Once the customer is satisfied with the work, Facilities Operations will send the customer an invoice through Service Unit Billing.

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