Facilities Modifications


1. A Facilities Modification Request (FACMOD) is required for any of the following changes to any and all facilities belonging to or under the responsibility of NC State University:

1.1 Alterations to include, but not limited to, all minor construction; changes in facilities configuration; fabrication, modification, removal, or installation of hardware and equipment; signs; erection, relocation, or removal of partitions, doors, and windows; and changes in type of finishes and flooring materials.

1.2 Renovation that is required to restore, upgrade, or otherwise improve the general condition of facilities.

1.3 Structural/physical changes to interior space such as demolition or new construction that includes: installation of fixed equipment or furniture requiring utility, electrical, laboratory exhaust or HVAC connections; fire alarms and fire suppression systems; taps into building utilities or HVAC systems; plumbing; involvement of any hazardous materials or life safety issues such as propane, natural gas, chemicals, fumes, ventilation issues.

1.4 Changes in the use of the space such as conference room to office, hallway to office, teaching lab to research lab, Chemistry space to Statistics space.

1.5 Changes in the room numbers, door numbers, or unassigned space.

1.6 Exterior changes to the building.

1.7 Equipment located exterior or interior to the building and interior equipment requiring utility services.

1.8 New external structures; e.g., bus shelters, benches, bike racks, news stands, special fencing, banners, picnic, recreation shelters, flagpoles.

1.9 Recreational areas; e.g., volleyball, basketball, tennis courts.

1.10 Locating equipment interior or exterior to buildings including, but not limited to, the installation of fixed equipment or furniture requiring utility connections, including HVAC systems, AC window units, fume hoods, gas cabinets, lasers or the addition of fixed or portable equipment that utilizes hazardous chemicals or gases.

1.11 Changes Affecting University "110" Classrooms:  Any change; e.g., priority scheduling assignments, change in the number of seats, adding screens or equipment, adding lecterns, adding AV infrastructure, change in use of space, change in room number, which would affect University "110" Classroom space.  (The FACMOD should contain an explanation or justification for the proposed change.  In addition to the regular FACMOD reviewers listed below, other appropriate departments may be consulted in reviewing and acting upon FACMOD requests affecting "110" classrooms.)

1.12 Any proposal from a private construction firm.

2. The FACMOD Review

2.1 The FACMOD Review is a provisional review that takes into account issues regarding space allocations, zoning issues, safety concerns, aesthetics and conformance with the NC State Physical Master Plan. It is not a detailed review for code issues.

2.2 When the FACMOD is received and all necessary information and endorsements are contained in the request, the Process Manager will prepare, package and send the FACMOD to all appropriate FACMOD reviewing departments.

2.3 FACMOD Reviewing Departments

2.3.1 Registration & Records - for review of changes to University "110" Classrooms only

2.3.2 Environmental Health & Public Safety - for review of equipment utilizing or producing hazardous materials, safety and fire prevention issues

2.3.3 Office of the University Architect - for review of space allocation issues, exterior aesthetics, consistency with physical master plan, zoning compliance, room numbering and process compliance. Also coordinates with Capital Improvement Projects.

2.3.4 Design & Construction Services - for review of design and construction issues and assignment of a Project Manager, when appropriate

2.3.5 Facilities Operations-Repair & Renovations – for review of operations and maintenance requirements and assignment of a Project Manager, when appropriate.

2.4 FACMOD Reviewer Action:

2.4.1 Reviewers should complete their reviews within one week, and return the signed Approval Form to the Process Manager indicating approval, non-approval or approval contingent upon compliance with reviewer's comments.

2.4.2 If any reviewer raises concerns that cannot be resolved through informal discussions with the requestor, the Process Manager will convene a project review meeting for all reviewers and the requesting department to address specific questions/concerns. The project review meeting may take place at the space under consideration. Scheduling of project review meetings will be targeted within two weeks of the date the specific FACMOD is received. Requestor will be informed in advance of this meeting and be provided with the specific questions/concerns/issues that will be discussed

3. Submitting a Facilities Modification Request

3.1 Step 1 – Obtaining a Form: The requesting department/unit initiates the request by completing a FACMOD Request form. This form may be obtained by clicking on “GET FACMOD FORM" at the top of this web page, or by contacting the Process Manager, Office of the University Architect (OUA), Telephone: 515-8052.

3.2 Step 2Completing the Form: In Section I Project Information: Complete all items. If FAS Account/Project Number is not yet identified, this may be left blank. Be explicit with section titled: Description of the Work. Provide sufficient details in this section so that the request is clear.

Section II Endorsements: Have the endorsing individuals sign (and date) the request on the appropriate lines for department/unit head, the college/school dean or vice chancellor and the facilities coordinator responsible for the space involved. 

Sections III Design Information and IV Hazardous Material Information: These sections must be filled in for those projects that have design work or hazardous materials as part of the request.

NOTE: Under Section IV, make sure Item A is checked even if hazardous materials are not applicable to this request. A current floor plan or site plan of the space under consideration, with proposed changes noted/marked, must be attached to the FACMOD with the specific rooms (site for external requests) identified. Photographs and product information may also be helpful to explain the requested changes. Assistance in completing the FACMOD can be obtained by calling 515-8052 .

3.3 Step 3 – Obtaining Floor Plans or Site Maps: Current floor plans or site maps may be obtained from the Facilities Information Systems Manager, OUA, Box 7519, Administrative Services III (Suite 300), NCSU Campus, 515-8069. Please include building name and floor level needed in your request. Please allow for a 1 1/2 to 2 day turnaround, depending on print shop workload, to obtain floor plans.

3.4  Step 4 – Submitting the FACMOD Form: When all appropriate sections of the FACMOD are completed including endorsements (signatures) and a floor/site plan is attached showing the work requested; then the FACMOD package is ready for submittal. Submit an Original (with signatures) and an additional copy to the following address: Process Manager , Office of the University Architect, Campus Box 7519. (Note for Corporate Tenants: FACMOD request must be signed by the Corporate Facilities Representative and sent to the Centennial Campus Property Manager, Box 7408, NC State Campus. Telephone: 513-7961.)

4. The FACMOD Approval  

4.1 Following the FACMOD review, the Process Manager will formally notify the department/unit of the approval/non approval of the FACMOD by letter. This letter will provide one of three options: 1) Approval of FACMOD project; 2) Approval based on certain contingencies of the project being met; or, 3) Non approval of the project for specific reasons.

4.2 If request is approved:

4.2.1 The approval letter will provide the name of the project manager who will move the project to the next step in the design/construction process. It is the responsibility of the department to contact Facilities to initiate the project.

4.2.2 The approval letter will also indicate if any of the reviewers request further participation in the design and construction process. It is the responsibility of the facilities project manager to provide reviewers with the opportunity for further participation in this process.

4.2.3 The approved request must be acted upon within 2 years of its receipt; otherwise a new request will need to be made with updated information.

4.3 The Approval Letter will be distributed as follows:

Appropriate College Dean/Associate Dean or Vice Chancellor/Associate Vice Chancellor

Appropriate College Facilities Coordinator

Requesting Department/Unit Head and Contact Person

Registration & Records (if University “110” Classroom space is involved)

Environmental Health & Public Safety (EH&PS)

Design and Construction Services (D&CS)

Facilities Operations, Repair and Renovations

Telecommunications (For telecommunication projects )

4.4 A monthly summary report will be sent to the Provost Office

5. Formal Approval to Begin Project:

5.1  Once the FACMOD is approved the requesting department should contact the assigned project manager within the Facilities Division. (Corporate Tenants will be notified by the Centennial Campus Property Manager.) All procurements and construction work must follow established and published university rules and procedures.

6. Updating Room Data Inventory and CADD Drawings at the Conclusion of FACMOD Projects:

6.1  Upon completion of the FACMOD project, the Project Manager assigned to the project will send an e-mail notification to the Office of the University Architect that the project is complete.  This notification should include any changes that were made to the original request and (when available) as-built floor plans for the renovated area. When as-built plans are not available, internal dimensions of the changes should be given in sufficient detail so that CADD drawings can be updated.

7. Notification should be provided to both the Process Manager and Facilities Information Systems Manager.  If you have questions concerning this procedure, please contact the Process Manager at 515-8052 .


For more information on Facilities Modifications consult REG 07.25.01. The Facilities Division Classroom Environment web page provides additional information on this subject.

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