NC State University Mail Services

Confidential Mail Procedures

Departments requiring delivery of time-sensitive and confidential mail may use the following procedures to ensure timely and secure service.

Place the items to be mailed in a “Personal & Confidential” Envelope.  Please ensure that the envelope is sealed. 

Departments requesting “Personal & Confidential” Envelopes for the first time will receive 3 envelopes free of charge.  As these envelopes are for one-time use, additional envelopes must be purchased.  Cost is $.25 per envelope to purchase from Mail Services with a postage charge form or departments may purchase them directly from Staples via MarketPlace.  Please use Staples item # 487513 (photo below) for all time-sensitive and confidential pieces.*

Confidential Envelope from Staples

Address the envelope.  

Please provide the Recipient’s name, campus box number, and location on the front of the envelope.

Sign the flap and provide Sender information.

Please provide the Sender’s name, campus box number, and location on the back of the envelope.  If there is not enough room, please attach a separate piece of paper with Sender information.**

Place the envelope in campus mail.

Campus Mail will be picked up at regularly scheduled time and taken to Mail Services for sorting.

A tracking label will be generated, attached to the package, and scanned by Mail Services.

At delivery, the tracking label will be scanned again to confirm delivery and maintain chain-of-custody

All campus mail will be delivered within 24 hours of receipt by Mail Services.

Contact Mail Services for questions, concerns, or for special requests.

Eric White- Manager at 919-515-9860 /

Mike Temple- Supervisor at 919-515-9858/ 

Shannon Plummer-White- Accounting Clerk at 919-515-9857/

* Please use “personal & confidential” envelopes for time-sensitive and confidential mail only.  Use standard interoffice envelopes for all other campus mail.

** Sender information MUST be provided in order to properly track the package and verify chain-of-custody.

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