NC State University Mail Services

Non-Profit Bulk

Click here for University memo regarding non-profit mail.

Restrictions on Non-Profit Rate Mail

You must have a MINIMUM of 200 pieces in each mailing.  Each piece must be the same size, same weight and identical to the naked eye.  You cannot send international mail (including Canada and Mexico) at the Nonprofit Bulk Rate.  All addresses must contain a five-digit zip code. All non-profit mail must have a return address identifying the sender as being related to North Carolina State University.  You cannot send postcards (5” x 3-1/2” – 6” x 4-1/4”) at the Nonprofit Bulk Rate.

IN ALL CASES, mailings using Permit Number #2353 must be pre-approved by University Mail Services. In other words, if you are using a different mail vendor and are not sending your bulk mailing through University Mail Services, you still must get permission to use Permit #2353.