NC State University Mail Services

International Mail

(a) Most items are mailable to foreign countries. However, there are certain restrictions. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that mailers contact Mail Services to determine the proper classification and documentation that may be required for customs declarations. 

(b) Customs Declaration Forms - All packages (16 oz. or over) to International destinations (including Canada and Mexico) and APO/FPO overseas military installations must have the appropriate Customs Declaration form attached. The old forms are NOT acceptable. Current forms, #2976 and #2976A are dated 2005. The use of these forms can vary from country to country, by weight value, content and method of transportation (air or surface); please call Mail Services, 515-9858, to help determine which form is appropriate prior to mailing. These forms are provided by the USPS, contact Mail Services, 515-9858, to order your supply. 

(c) Postage rates to Canada and Mexico are less than other foreign countries. To assure that the proper postage is applied, please separate mail for Canada and Mexico from all other international mail. 

(d) All mail going to foreign countries must be enveloped or wrapped (except post cards). 

(e) All foreign mail should be sealed by your department. 

(f) Foreign mailings should have the country name printed in capital letters in English as the only information on the bottom line. The postal delivery zone, if any, should be included with the city. For example: 




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