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Eliminating Junk Mail

During the past few years we have been working with an outside vendor to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail, or junk mail, it receives. 

This program has been quite successful for NC State Mail Services. In an effort to bring unsolicited mail under control, we are requesting that ALL departments participate in this program.

What  Is Junk Mail?

All mail that you do not want to continue to receive is Junk Mail: magazines, letters or packages. Mail for faculty or staff that are no longer here also qualifies for the Junk Mail Program.  For those people that are not in your department we ask that you update your address database. 

It's Simple: 

•All unwanted U.S. mail need only be marked "NO" or "CANCEL" in the vicinity of the address label (but not on it) and returned to Campus Mail – use a campus envelope. 

•Please DO NOT cross out the name or address with marker as we need to read the entire address. Also, do not stamp anything directly on the label. 

•Return envelopes UNOPENED IF POSSIBLE with contents included.  

We have seen a significant decrease in unwanted mail coming in to NC State and, with your help, we are looking forward to even more of a reduction in this mail.

Please send us in a inter-departmental envelope (IE: small catalog, seminar brochures etc) or email us all unwanted mail. When sending by email- information needed is: company name, # pages, tell us is it a monthly, yearly or quarterly subscription. If you have any questions regarding junk mail, of if you would like inter-departmental envelopes to collect unwanted mail in, e-mail Eric White at NC State Mail Services.

Send your junk mail to:


Campus Box 7540

Does the Mail Reduction Program Work? 

To date we have updated almost 1000 mailing lists for companies around the country. Below is a sample of pounds of mail we do not have to handle / sort deliver / pick up or dispose of. Some companies send out mailings monthly. We estimate the reduction in pounds of each mailing are:

 AB  Saving of1,355lbs
Assay Saving of74lbs
Car Bio Saving of 469lbs
CP Saving of 419lbs
Edmund Saving of  410lbs
LSS  Saving of 2,382lbs
NEB Saving of461lbs
Pierce Saving of187lbs
Grand Total Saving of 5,759lbs


It Works! Do You Use It?

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