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Initiating a Service Request

1) Customer requests should be directed through the Facilities Liaison first. If the Facilities Liaison is not available, please call the Customer Service Center at 515-2991.

2) The Facilities Liaison will determine the priority of the request.  If it is an Urgent request, it should be called into the Service Center. If it is a Routine request, it should be submitted online through AiM Work Management.  The Requestor is responsible for providing all pertinent information to the request.  Account information may be entered into the description.  Please note that in order to access AiM, your Unity ID will have to be created in AiM , contact the Customer Service Center for more details. 

3) Work Requests may also be written up on a work request form (Work Request.pdf or Work Request.doc) and mailed to the Customer Service Center, campus box # 7219.  

4) Upon receipt of the request, the Customer Service Center enters the data into AiM Work Management System and a work order number is generated for the appropriate shop to perform the work.  Urgent requests are dispatched over the radio and Routine requests are prioritized through the Shop Supervisor.  Please provide an e-mail address on all submissions and the work order number will be sent directly to that address once approved as well as once the work has been completed.

5) Facilities Liaisons may check the status on a work order by performing a search using the online system, all that is required is the work order number.  Information such as the Assigned Shop, Status and associated Charges for that work order will be viewable by the Liaison.  Please review the AiM Liaison User Guide below for specific instructions on how to search the online system, if there are any questions, please contact the Customer Service Center.

Reference: AiM Liaison User Guide