Successful Krispy Kreme Challenge participants run two miles from the NC State Belltower to downtown Raleigh's landmark doughnut shop, where they scarf down a dozen doughnuts before racing back to campus, all in less than an hour's time. The event, which began in 2004, raises money for the NC Children's Hospital, and is highlighted on page 20 of The Brick.

Building Tradition, One Brick at a Time

December 9, 2010

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If you had to take an exam focused on NC State’s history and traditions, would you pass? If not, you’ve probably missed The Brick, a student-run publication chock full of fun, historic facts about our university.

The first copy of The Brick was handed out at the NC State’s 2008 convocation ceremony, shortly after a class of First Year College students decided NC State needed a way to educate freshmen on the university’s storied history. Inside, readers will find stories and a number of under-the-radar tidbits ranging from the skinny on Mr. and Mrs. Wuf’s marriage nuptials (page 57) and the Free Expression Tunnel (page 28) to advice from college deans (pages 8-9), woven between a collection of vibrant pictures that visually capture the essence of NC State.

“The yearbook staff has participated in projects like this several times since I’ve been here,” said Bradley Wilson, NC State’s student media advisor. “Each time, I learn something new about the campus, and I know the students do too.

“For The Brick, it was particularly exciting getting each of the colleges involved,” he said. “It’s a true example of teamwork and inter-departmental collaboration.”

5,000 copies were circulated through the first-year classes in each NC State college this year, with plans to distribute future editions during freshman orientation, to ensure that a copy of The Brick reaches the hands of every incoming student.

For that to happen, expansion of funding for The Brick is a must. Currently, The Brick receives funding from Student Government, Student Media, the Alumni Association, and University Communications.

“I was able to learn so much more about campus and felt more connected to our university as a result of The Brick,” says Chandler Thompson (’12), one of four students who currently compose the publication staff.

The Brick's student staff: Chandler Thompson, Bryant Robbins, Nathan Hardin and Sam Dennis.

Thompson received one of the first copies of The Brick during the 2008 convocation, and has become actively engaged with three fellow students – Sam Dennis (’12), Bryant Robbins (’11) and Nathan Hardin (’11) – to make The Brick a staple publication for NC State.

Across the country, a number of universities have implemented “tradition keeper” programs to enhance student-to-university connection and solidarity. This publication, Dennis said, is one pivotal step towards the development of a similar program for NC State.

“In the future, I think we all look forward to expanding The Brick and having it be somewhat of a bestseller in our community,” he said. “We want freshmen to know about the book before they come to school and be excited about.

“With the expansion of the interactive nature of the book, I think The Brick will become a treasured gift for all students at NC State.”

Thompson said she and her classmates look forward to welcoming any interested students to The Brick team in the future. So, if you have a hankering for helping highlight the traditions, history and the culture of NC State – come aboard, she said, and help lay the foundation for a more well-informed Wolfpack, one Brick at a time.