Convocation Activities at the RBC Center Photo Gallery

August 7, 2011

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Students descend upon the RBC Center to show their spirit and connect with other students.

Photo Gallery

Students get off buses to enter into the RBC Center for Convocation. Students met one another through various activities that were floor level. Wolfpack Pride shined at every turn. Chancellor Randy Woodson, right, and Student Affairs Vice Chancellor Tom Stafford cheer on the Pack. A student dances as part of the activities at Convocation. 'Wolf-Pack!' Students revel in delight during Convocation activies. Keynote speaker Rebecca Skloot addresses students at Convocation. Students jumped high during Convocation events. Students made thier best wolf face during Convocation activities. Student Affairs Vice Chancellor Tom Stafford smiles large at Convocation as he talks to students. Students run onto the RBC Center to meet one another at Convocation. The cheerleaders burst onto the stage at the RBC Center. Mr. and Mrs. Wuf pump up the crowd. Students also learned the class song at Convocation. Students pose at the end to have their picture made.