First Class

August 12, 2012

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For its 125th birthday, NC State is getting a transformative gift: a new class of freshmen, one of the most talented the university has ever welcomed.

The 4,316 new freshmen come from an impressive pool of applicants. More than 20,000 people sought admission as freshmen, the most in university history. The average SAT score for this year’s enrollees is 1219, the first time a group of Wolfpack freshmen has averaged better than a 1200.

A few more facts about the 2012 freshmen:

“Beyond numbers, this is a great group of freshmen,” said Thomas Griffin, director of undergraduate admissions. “Most have participated in leadership activities in high school and many have volunteered or participated in service to their school and community. Many have been recognized in their high school and community for their achievements.

“The bottom line is that this is just a very talented group of incoming students,” he added.

Raleigh Adams, a member of the 2012 freshman class, is excited to join the Wolfpack. A Burlington native, he comes from a long line of NC State supporters and graduates. More than 10 people in his family attended NC State, dating back to his great-grandfather, who graduated in 1904.

I never had any doubt that I wanted to go to NC State,” said Adams, who plans to study architecture. “I didn’t consider any other place. I didn’t even apply anywhere else. It was here and here alone.

With help from friends and family, students began returning to campus Friday:

Photo Gallery

SIgn of the times on move-in day...MOVEIN.2012.1577 Transportation employee directs traffic at the Cates and Dan Allen intersection during Friday's move-in.MOVEIN.2012.1594 Student gets a little help from his brother and mother as he moves into his residence hall Friday afternoon. A dad takes care of some of the heavy lifting while moving his child into their residence hall.MOVEIN.2012.1303 Students move in to Lee residence hall Friday afternoon with the help of family and friends.MOVEIN.2012.1809 Student waits for her mother to lock up the car as she moves into her residence hall Friday afternoon.MOVEIN.2012.1690 Student volunteers gang up on a family in Harris parking lot to help haul a student's gear up to a residence hall during Friday's move-in.MOVEIN.2012.1511 The back stairs up Lee Residence Hall buzzes with activity as families move their students in on movie-in day.MOVEIN.2012.1760 Recycling bins outside Lee Residence Hall overflow with boxes as students move in.MOVEIN.2012.1741 Students move in to Owen residence hall Friday afternoon with the help of family and friends.MOVEIN.2012.1717 Student volunteers carry other students' gear up to their residence hall during Friday's move-in.MOVEIN.2012.1449 A hard hat may not be needed, but it could help during heavy lifting and moving into residence halls.MOVEIN.2012.1490 Student checks in to get room assignment at Tucker residence hall during Friday's move-in. Students carry in a sofa as they move into their central campus residence hall Friday afternoon.MOVEIN.2012.1422 A dad moves his son into Turlington Residence Hall.MOVEIN.2012.1402 A dad passes by Alexander Residence Hall as he moves his child into Turlington Residence Hall.MOVEIN.2012.1336 MOVEIN.2012.1322Student and her dad carry her stuff to her residence hall during Friday's move-in. MOVStudent volunteers carry other students' gear up to their residence hall during Friday's move-in.EIN.2012.1308 Student checks in to get room assignment at her residence hall during Friday's move-in.MOVEIN.2012.1290 Student gets a little assistance from his mom as he moves into Owen residence hall.MOVEIN.2012.1286 Student hustles her belongings toward her central campus residence hall during Friday's move-in. Students move into their residence halls during Friday's move-in. A mom waits patiently at the family truck as she waits for her student to return for the next load of stuff for the dorm room. Transportation employee directs a dad on where to park after unloading during Friday's move-in.MOVEIN.2012.1524 Traffic backs up both ways down Dan Allen Drive as students move in to their dorms.MOVEIN.2012.1730 Staff Staff Staff Chancellor Randy Woodson digs right in and grabs some bags during move in.Staff Chancellor Randy Woodson smiles as Andy Walsh greets an incoming student. To the Chancellor's right is in coming Vice Chancellor Mike Mullen.