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Use RSS to find out what’s new on the NC State Web site without even visiting the page.

  • Find an RSS feed. Look for an RSS icon, XML icon or a phrase such as “Subscribe to this site” or “Syndication.”
  • Copy the Feed URL or use the “add feed” button if the site has one
  • Paste the feed URL into your RSS reader

What is RSS?

RSS—or Really Simple Syndication—is a list of updated content from a Web site. Sites that offer RSS feeds allow you to subscribe to updates and view them through a browser, newsreader or other RSS “aggregator.” Feeds are updated when new content is added, and delivered immediately to your reader.


RSS lets you see what’s new on several different Web sites all in one location, without having to actually visit each individual site. You can get NC State feature stories, news headlines, events, and other information delivered to single place all through RSS.

What do I need?

  • The feed URL
  • A Reader. There are plenty of readers available, and  some Web browsers support RSS without the need for a specific reader. Google Reader or Bloglines are a good place to start. You can search through a wide variety of feeds at

Where should I start?

Here are a couple NC State University RSS feeds to get you started.

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