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Frequently Asked Questions
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Who is Teaching?

Who may take a FYI course?
FYI classes for the fall semester are intended for incoming first-year students at NC State. It does not include first-year transfer students who have spent earlier semesters at another higher education institution.
¨ FYI classes for the spring semester are intended for second-semester first year students.
¨ Upperclassmen are not eligible for an FYI course.

What Is Expected From The Student?
Active participation and regular attendance
Confronting different perspectives respectfully, responsibly and wisely
Thinking together toward workable solutions for complex problems


Who is Teaching?
Faculty committed to first year students
Faculty with innovative teaching styles
, notably the use of inquiry-guided learning

How are FYI courses identified in PACKTRACS?
FYI courses have regular departmental suffixes in which a "Q" follows the course section number.
Ex: PS 201-010Q.

How Do I Register?
During registration period. Your advisor is available to help you.
FYI classes are limited to no more than 19 students.
Enrollment is first-come, first-serve according to the NCSU Registration Calendar.
Enrollment is limited to one "Q" course per student per semester.
For additional registration info go to Registration and Records

Are the 300-level FYI courses appropriate for first year students?
Yes. All, FYI courses are designed with first-year students in mind.

What Requirement Will Taking a FYI Course Fulfill?
FYI courses fulfill a General Education Program requirement. It is recommended that students consult with their academic advisors when choosing an FYI course that fits well with the student needs and progress-toward-degree.

What are the General Education Program requirements?
General education provides students the opportunity to experience diverse and integrative disciplinary perspectives.  General education enhances students’ intellectual engagement in their majors, prepares them for the changing demands of professional careers, equips them for a lifetime of learning, and lays the foundation for involvement in their communities as responsible citizens and leaders. 


Who can help me?
Your academic adviser is available to help you.
You also also email FYI director Rich Slatta.

How can I fit an FYI course into my academic program of study?
FYI courses fulfill General Education Program requirements. However, since colleges may differ on what is acceptable within specific curricula, students should consult with their academic advisers as to how a particular course fits into a course of study.

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