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Bloom's Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain
Description Action
Knowledge or Memory Simple recall of information Name, list, state, describe, define, reproduce, recognize, label, recall
Ability to understand material, gain meaning Paraphrase, convert, summarize, predict, explain, rewrite, translate, interpret, generalize
Knowledge put to use in new or novel situations; involves moving from theories to specific applications Compute, solve, show, operate, demonstrate, organize, group, collect, apply, construct
Material broken down into its component parts so that the message is clarified or the organizational structure is apparent Outline, diagram, distinguish, infer, subdivide, find, separate, compare, combine, formulate
Disparate parts put together to create a new whole; the creative process Create, compose, design, organize, propose, formulate, imagine, extend, hypothesize, predict
Judge the value of something based on definite criteria Criticize, justify, decide, judge, solve, appraise