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Interested in joining FORBIRC? Please contact:

Vincent Chiang, Director


Crystal Walton,

The FORBIRC consortium provides a platform for the interaction of Forest Products Industry leaders with North Carolina State University Faculty members with similar research goals.

The synergy of industry and academia members is facilitated through yearly competitive research grants, awarded through the consortium to NCSU faculty.

The consortium also sponsors a yearly conference bringing together FORBIRC Industry and faculty members. The meeting also provides FORBIRC grant awardees an opportunity to communicate their research results to the members.

Members of the FORBIRC consortium have an opportunity for first access to intellectual property generated from all core projects funded by membership fees.  Additionally the consortium provides members with opportunities to propose research ideas to be carried out by FORBIRC Faculty which may be covered under an enhancement project and separate contract.  For more details, please see the Membership  ByLaws and Agreement links below. Please contact Crystal Walton at for more information.

The consortium funds a yearly round of small grant proposals emphasizing Industry “areas of research interest”.  In this way consortium Industry members have the opportunity to focus grant proposals toward particular research areas or goals. The Faculty members of the consortium submit written grant proposals to the Industry member group for review. Additionally, time is allotted during the yearly FORBIRC conference for Faculty to present their proposals directly to Industry attendees.  Each member company contributes equally to the determination of grant funding.  The research results, arising from the funded projects, are first made available to members and may be subsequently published.

FORBIRC organizes a yearly conference, at North Carolina State University, which brings together Industry and Faculty participants. Grant awardees present interim and final reports from previous years. Current applicants for FORBIRC grants present their proposals for meeting attendees.  During the conference, Industry members select the grant proposal funding recipients’ for the current year.  Announcement of awards are made during the meeting.   For dates and time of conference please see Conference Information.

Membership Agreement

Membership By-laws


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