Scholarships and Financial Aid

Financial aid: It's easier than you think

You may apply for several types of aid including scholarships, grants, long-term loans, and work-study assistance. Most assistance is awarded based on financial need (the difference between the cost of attending NC State for one year and how much you expect your family to contribute toward those costs). Other kinds of aid, like merit scholarships are based on academic achievement.

While you do need to reapply for aid each year, we will make every effort to continue your financial aid as long as you reapply for assistance on time, continue to demonstrate need, and are making satisfactory progress toward your degree. Keep reading to learn more about the various ways to finance your college education. Visit the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for detailed information and a step-by-step process for applying for financial aid.

Pack Promise

Pack Promise

At NC State, we believe that getting a college degree doesn't mean you should get buried in debt. So we created Pack Promise, a new program that validates our historical mandate of access, affordability, and success for all deserving students, regardless of income or need.

Pack Promise guarantees that NC State's neediest students will receive 100 percent of their financial aid requirements through a combination of scholarships, grants, Federal Work-Study employment and need-based loans. And through unique mentoring and counseling, academic support and advising, undergraduate research opportunities and financial aid counseling, student success and timely graduation will also be ensured. Find out if you are eligible for Pack Promise.

Scholarships & Grants

Your financial need is usually met with a combination of several kinds of aid. Grants and scholarships are gift awards that don't require repayment or work obligations - they are free money! NC State offers numerous special scholarships based on both demonstrated need and academic performance.

Work-study Programs

Work-study programs are self-help forms of aid and do require repayment or working for a paycheck as you attend class. NC State offers several types of work-study job opportunities that are flexible with most award amounts (typically up to $1,500 per academic year) earned by working 6-8 hours per week if you begin working in August.

Individual College Scholarships

You can also apply for scholarships through individual NC State colleges and departments. Available to entering freshmen as well as continuing students, these scholarships are funded by alumni, friends of the university, college foundations and industry. For specific application procedures, contact the Dean of that college.


Fellowship opportunities offer undergraduates and graduate students across the university unique opportunities not only for work but also practical experience, study in the United States and abroad, as well as research and travel. Fellowships are often based on merit and require a service commitment.

Teaching Fellows Sponsor

Each year the North Carolina Teaching Fellows Program awards 400 North Carolina high-school seniors $6,500 per year toward their college education. In exchange, students either teach one year in a North Carolina public school for each year they received a Teaching Fellows Award, or repay the full $26,000 award. NC State accepts up to 40 freshmen Teaching Fellows in each incoming class. Applications and deadlines are available online.

Cooperative Education Program

If you're torn between a career interests, don't worry. Thanks to the Cooperative Education Program, you don't have to wait until graduation to find out if your chosen major is the right one for you. As one of the largest co-op programs in the nation, each year, at on-campus job fairs and interviews, the NC State Co-op Office helps around 800 students find work opportunities that align with their studies.