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Updated: 07/12/2012

Delegation of Signature Authority Chart (pdf)
To Sign or Not to Sign (ppt) (Originally created by UNC-W) _________________________________________________________________________________

Small purchases (up to $5000) may be done by departments without going to a Vice Chancellor (or designee) for approval, as long as there is no formal purchase order or written contract or agreement involved. (See Basic Purchasing Information webpage)

Purchases between $5,000 and $500,000 are normally executed through a purchase order issue from the NC State Purchasing Department. Bids are sought and standard Terms and Conditions are used in lieu of obtaining a Vice Chancellor's signature.

Where should you go for information on purchasing procedures?

For more information, the NC State Purchasing Department has a webpage with Purchasing Procedures and Other Information and the NCSU Administrative Procedures Manual, Section K, Purchasing.

You may also call Purchasing (919-515-2171) for information on:

  • purchases
  • contracts other than purchases
  • customs clearance for imported goods/equipment
  • surplus property issues, and related topics

Does the Office of General Counsel have recommendations about what types of contract terms to accept and what types to modify?

Yes. The first recommendation is that you review the list of standard university agreements to determine if there is a standard agreement that fits your situation.

The second recommendation is that you read the other party’s contract terms closely and understand the business risks they pose. If you don't understand certain terms, ask Purchasing or the Office of General Counsel what they mean.

The third recommendation is that you compare the terms to the Contract CHECKLIST. This will enable you to anticipate potential areas of disagreement between the University and the other party to the contract, and possibly work around those concerns before the contract goes to Purchasing for review and modification.  Remember that you must have Purchasing review any contract that another party wants someone at the University to sign, even if the other party is giving your department the good or service at no cost.