Downloading Course Action Forms

The originating department is required to use the official Course Action Form and comply with the following procedures.

Procedure for Downloading Forms

Course Action Forms are available in MSWord only. These forms should NOT be completed online.

  • PC Users:
  • 1. Right click the download link.
    2. Select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As"
  • Mac Users:
  • 1.Control click the download link.
    2. Select "Download link to Disk" or "Save Link As"

Submitting Course Action Forms

Course Action proposals must be reviewed by Department Graduate Committee, College Curriculum Committee and College Dean before submission to the Graduate School. The specific number of copies to submit to each college can be determined by contacting the office of the Dean of the originating college.

Graduate programs should submit a complete document electronically to the Graduate School. A complete document consists of (1) the Course Action Form and (2) all necessary documentation. An e-mail containing two MS Word files( the Course Action Form and the Syllabus) should be submitted to:

Lian Lynch

In addition, the graduate program must send a complete hardcopy with original signatures:

  • Course Instructor
  • Department Head/Director of Graduate Programs
  • Chair, College Graduate Studies Committee
  • College Dean

Cross-listed courses require signatures from all department heads/DGPs, chairpersons, and deans.

Timeline for Submitting Course Action Forms

To bring a course action before the Administrative Board for consideration, a graduate program must submit a Course Action Form to the Graduate School.

The request will be scheduled on the agenda of the Board no earlier than two weeks after the date when the request was received. This provides the minimum time required for distribution of requests to Board members for review.

New courses may need additional time for review and approval. Please plan to have these requests to the Administrative Board well in advance of the proposed effective date.