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YouTube Video LinkedIn GroupProfessional Science Master’s (PSMs) are interdisciplinary STEM programs that focus on educating students to solve today’s challenges and close the existing skills gap in the workplace. PSMs include trade-specific management in the curricula and have a high degree of engagement with local and global employers.

In North Carolina, the number and popularity of the PSMs are increasing rapidly. Examples are exciting new degrees in the fields of biotechnology, climate change, energy, food supply, financial mathematics, analytics, information technology, health, diagnostics, environment, geospatial information, and nanoscience.

PSM 10 Year Legacy Report

Professionals from more than 456 companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations have already contributed to the success of the UNC Systemwide PSM Program by providing high tech projects, workplace immersion experiences, professional skills training, networking and mentoring, monetary support, and jobs.

Because these degrees are designed in collaboration with local employers and tailored to meet their needs, most graduates are highly competitive and find employment quickly.


  • Co-create graduate education to meet their needs
  • Gain access to university resources and out-of-the-box student expertise
  • Interact with potential future employees (and hire the best of them)

UNC System Faculty and Staff

  • Gain access to employer networks and resources
  • Offer employment-relevant education for students choosing careers outside the university environment (approximately 80% of graduates)
  • Fulfill part of the University of North Carolina's mission


  • Gain competitive, employment-relevant education and employer networks
  • Learn essential professional skills and the newest technology
  • Increase likelihood of obtaining employment


  • Gains the economic benefits of an employment-ready workforce

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