Workshops for PSM Students

Be at Your Best: Improving Performance through Professional Self Awareness

Professional Development Seminars

Participants in this workshop learned about the difference between performance indicators in the academic and corporate environments and how these condition students and employees. A set of common and frequently occurring yet often unexpected changes was described, as well as how being out of the comfort zone may affect personal performance levels. Participants gained understanding about key aspects of professional self awareness as a resource for sustainable peak performance and personal growth.

The first workshop occurred in fall 2010 and can be repeated based on demand.


Workshops for PSM Directors

Current and prospective PSM directors in the UNC System of Universities have the opportunity to learn how to develop, start, manage and evaluate PSM programs during a series of workshops conducted by NC State University. The director of the UNC PSM Initiative joined with industry professionals from the Research Triangle Park to develop inquiry-based, industry-relevant educational materials that bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace (described above). These materials have been well received by students, employers, and universities. The purpose of this workshop was to disseminate these materials and to present a process participants can use for engaging with industry—from contacting industry professionals to designing and teaching workplace skills—all with the aim of creating momentum for the statewide development and adoption of workforce-relevant curricula. A total of 18 participants from 11 universities and colleges learned to apply basic principles and returned to their home institutions with instructional materials and basic project plans.


Quote from a workshop attendee:

The “Creating Alliances” workshop was demanding and productive. I think this was one of the best workshops I have attended since we were provided with timely and critical information, produced the case studies with expert assistance, had a meaningful way in which to engage industry representatives and had outstanding networking opportunities. I suggest offering these again and letting institutions bring small teams (3-4) from the same institution would allow them to begin to build critical mass for building professional education opportunities.

-Elizabeth Wolfinger, Dean, Meredith College


Workshop Resources:
Employer Alliance Building
Project Design with Employers
Essential Professional Skills
Professional Skills Teaching Tools

UNC Campuses and other interested universities and colleges are welcome to request additional workshops.

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