Graduate Student Support Plan: Tuition and Insurance Journals

This page contains links to MS-Excel files for terms Spring 2014 and after. Use the appropriate link below to initiate downloading. Please be aware that different Web browser versions may have different methods for downloading and may behave differently depending on the file name and type that you are attempting to download.

The data in these files are the same as was used to create the journal voucher submitted for Tuition and Insurance. The purpose of these spreadsheets is to give college and/or departmental bookkeepers access to the details of charges initiated by the NC State Graduate School. You can set a filter on the various columns by using the down arrows.

Download Graduate Student Support Plan Journals
The spreadsheets listed under "File Name" may be saved by pointing to the file name, right clicking your mouse, and choosing the option "save link as" or "save target as" depending on your browser. You may also open the spreadsheet by clicking on the link.

These spreadsheets are password protected - Call Caroline Ortiz-Deaton at (919) 515-4429.

Spring 2015
January Insurance January Insurance
01/2015 Spring Tuition 01/2015 Tuition
February Insurance February Insurance
02/2015 Spring Tuition 02/2015 Tuition
March Insurance March Insurance
03/2015 Spring Tuition 03/2015 Tuition


Fall 2014
09/2014 Fall Tuition 09/2014 Census Tuition
August & September Insurance Aug & Sept Insurance
10/2014 Fall Tuition 10/2014 Tuition
October Insurance October Insurance
11/2014 Fall Tuition 11/2014 Tuition
November Insurance November Insurance
12/2014 Fall Tuition 12/2014 Tuition
December Insurance December Insurance
Spring 2014
Jan and Feb Spring 2014 Insurance JanandFeb_Insurance
01/29/14 Spring Tuition 01_29_2014_Tuition
02/24/14 Spring Tuition 02_24_2014 Tuition
March Spring 2014 Insurance March Insurance
04/03/14 Spring Tuition 04_03_2014 Tuition
April Spring 2014 Insurance April Insurance
05/02/14 Spring Tuition 05_02_2014 Tuition
May Spring 2014 Insurance May Insurance
June Spring 2014 Insurance June Insurance
July Spring 2014 Insurance July Insurance