Gregg Museum of art & design

General Information:

Phone: 919.515.3503


For a detailed staff listing, please visit our About Us page.


Submissions by artists and donations to the permanent collection:

The Gregg Museum of Art & Design welcomes submissions for review, but before sending us any images of your work, please read carefully and follow the instructions found here.


We also welcome the chance to consider objects as potential donations to our permanent collection. If you have something you are thinking of donating, please read the information provided here to help you determine if we are the right place for it.


Mailing & Shipping:

The Gregg Museum of Art & Design is located at 516 Brickhaven Drive on North Carolina State University’s Central Campus.


Our mailing address (for standard mailings, literature and other small parcels):

Gregg Museum of Art & Design

North Carolina State University

Campus Box 7306

Raleigh, NC 27695-7306 USA


Our shipping address (for larger packages and freight deliveries):

Gregg Museum of Art & Design

North Carolina State University

516 Brickhaven Drive, Suite 200
Raleigh NC 27606 USA


If you are driving a delivery truck or just dropping off or picking up from the Gregg Museum, we will be happy to help you. Please call ahead as soon as possible: 919.515.3503.