Gregg Museum of art & design

Ben Galata & Evan Lightner:

Handcraft is Contemporary Design

October 14-December 18, 2010

Reception: Thursday, October 14, 6-8pm


To see the work of Ben Galata and Evan Lightner together in one exhibition is to understand the commonality of how meticulous detail forms and informs the end production of their work. Galata works in forged and fabricated steel to produce furnishings, sculpture and architectural details. His work is a mesh of the traditional blacksmithing process with contemporary design aesthetic. Lightner crafts custom furniture, cabinetry and woodwork. His work respects the clarity of modernism, and demonstrates consistent commitment to environmental sustainability. Galata and Lightner work from the same warehouse space, and to see their work side by side is to understand how artists can craft work with such precision.


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