Gregg Museum of art & design
2009-2010 Exhibitions

Graphic Quilts at the Gregg

June 11 - October  4, 2009

Curator Kathlyn Sullivan and textile consultant Janine LeBlanc have made a selection of over 40 quilts from the Gregg Museum of Art & Design’s permanent collection. Many of these quilts are more recent acquisitions and focus on graphic design elements in quiltmaking. This exhibition includes quilts with patriotic themes, exquisite silk and crazy quilts, finely designed and made antique North Carolina quilts and two Sas Colby art quilts, one of which will knock your socks off! See what happens when quilts go from the bed to the wall. Be prepared for a visual and heartfelt treat.

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Inspired Design: Jacquard and Entrepreneurial Textiles

August 20 - October 4, 2009

What happens when the creative mind and the skilled hand are provided ongoing access to the computer-aided, industrial weaving machine? Textile design is a specialized field that involves several sectors – fashion, interior decoration, the production of expressive works, sculptures and handcrafted items. This traveling exhibition, curated by the Center for Craft, Creativity and Design in Hendersonville, NC, features designs that represent five 21st century design growth areas of creative/innovative textiles using computerized Jacquard looms. 


Hang it Up!

October 22 - December 19, 2009

Faculty, staff, students and alumni of NC State are invited to submit two pieces of their work for this open hanging. This exhibition showcases the talent of the NC State community. From photography to works on paper and paintings, ceramics and installation art, this show always shines a light on the creative endeavors that make NC State such an innovative place to learn.    


Recent Gifts of Native American Art from the Collection of Drs. Norman and Gilda Greenberg
October 22 - December 19, 2009

In 1953, Drs. Norman and Gilda Greenberg accepted positions with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in New Mexico, where they established a government school for Navajo non-English speaking children. Since that time they have been invited to serve in positions as professors of psychology (Gilda) and anthropology (Norman) at major universities. Their interest in the culture of Native Americans led them to actively collect, and they have amassed a large and impressive body of work. This exhibition will showcase the first installment of their gifts to the Gregg Museum of Art & Design and will include a range of work, including rugs, carvings, baskets and pottery. 


Hold on to Your Hats! (located in the east wing of D.H. Hill Library)

January 14 - June 6, 2010


This exhibition will explore hat making and styles from around the world using 150 hats from the Gregg’s permanent collection. Mary Hauser, the Gregg’s registrar is the exhibit’s curator. In conjunction with the exhibit, there will also be a hat making event held on the brickyard, April 7 from 11am-2pm, where anyone can stop by and make a hat with the Scrap Exchange.

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With Lathe and Chisel: North Carolina Wood Turners and Carvers

January 21 - May 15, 2010

This exhibition showcases the current state of the art in the world of woodturning and features turners from North Carolina. Guest curator and noted wood artist Dale Nish has selected objects from active members of the North Carolina Chapter of the American Association  of Woodturners.  Local chapters of the AAW are independent organizations of enthusiasts who come together to learn more about the craft and enjoy fellowship with other turners. In addition to the work of these skilled and innovative artists, the exhibition will include wood from the permanent collection of the Gregg.


Faces and Mazes

January 21 - May 15, 2010

In Lia Cook’s most recent series of weavings, she uses an electronic Jacquard hand loom to weave faces that dissolve into continuously changing maze-like patterns. Drawing on familiar childhood sources, Cook uses a detail, often re-photographed, layered and re-woven in oversize scale, to intensify an emotional and/or sensual encounter. This traveling exhibition is curated by Wendy Weiss and organized by the Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery, University of Nebraska.  


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Permanent Collection

The Gregg Museum of Art & Design has a number of display cases located in the South Gallery of the Talley Student Center that enable the permanent display of selected objects from the collection. Often, these displays serve as mini-exhibitions, available for viewing whenever the building is open.

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