SKEMA Business School

In January 2011, the SKEMA Business School, one of the top business schools in France with satellite campuses in China and Morocco, opened its first US campus at NC State on Centennial Campus. Working closely with NC State's Poole College of Management, SKEMA brings between 130-300+ students to their school on Centennial campus each semester and continues to develop new partnerships and programs.

The GTI-SKEMA Partnership

SKEMA students at Habitat SKEMA students helping with Habitat for Humanity

Each semester, the GTI provides an orientation for SKEMA students to NC State that includes workshops to facilitate their success at an American university and/or business. SKEMA students also participate in various cultural, community service, and academic activities as part of the International Cultural Leadership Project. The GTI also facilitates SKEMA student participation in internships in North Carolina.

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SKEMA US Campus Study Program - Application Process

SKEMA students applying to studying at the US Campus for a semester or a year, must submit their applications online ( Students should select the "SKEMA" option under Special Programs. Do NOT submit more than one application.

Please be sure to enter the information completely and correctly. The address, email, and phone information should be your current physical address and contact information in France or abroad (not here in Raleigh). Use the application's calendar icon to correctly select your birthday - most errors in the application occur because the US uses a month/day/year format for dates.

You will receive a confirmation email after your application is submitted and approved (the process can take several days). You will also receive an email from NC State with your Unity ID, Student ID, and initial default password once your application has been accepted.

You can log into MyPack Portal with your Unity ID and initial default password to access your personal information and apply for campus housing. You must reset your password after your first log-in by using the Unity Password Change Tool. After changing your password, you then need to create your User Identification and Authentication questions (UIA).

NOTE: Once you have been processed by the system, you may receive a notification about charges to your student account. If you have applied for NC State housing, you are responsible for paying those housing costs. However, SKEMA students do NOT have to pay the student fees ($1,084.08 for the 2013-2014 school year). Those fees will be paid by SKEMA Raleigh, but you will receive a notification that the charge has been posted to your student account.

SKEMA US application process overview

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Orientation to NC State

The GTI provides an orientation for SKEMA students to the NC State campus before the start of each semester. You will receive an orientation packet of information that you should review carefully before classes start. Information covered during orientation can also be found in this online orientation guide.

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GTI Course Requirements

The GTI is provides course content for SKEMA students in their US Socio-Political Environment/US History and Culture courses. Click on your student category below for a breakdown of your course requirements and assignments for the Fall 2013 semester in Raleigh:

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Campus Life

Check out the new student guide that includes advice from previous SKEMA students who have studied at NC State. The guide includes helpful information about traveling within the US, as well as getting around and enjoying the Raleigh community.

New Student Guide

The Office of Information Technology's Guide to Computing @ NC State connects you with the latest information about the technology and services available to NC State students.

Computing @ NC State
Virtual campus tour Campus Transportation Campus Recreation

Take a virtual visit and explore the campus online through photos

Explore the various transportation options you have to get around campus and the city

Get involved in sports and recreation with activities, sports, and outdoors adventures available on and off campus

Wolfpack sports teams NCSU Libraries Student Health Center

Cheer on our Wolfpack teams as they take on other teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC)

Discover the six libraries on the NC State campus and everything they offer

Learn about the services provided by the Student Health Center

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SKEMA US Internships

SKEMA students interested in doing an internship in North Carolina can apply for a J-1 Student Intern visa through the GTI. Students apply online ( at least 60 days before the start of their internships and pay the GTI administration fee of $600. This application is DIFFERENT from the one for students who are planning to study at the SKEMA US Campus.

Visit the off-campus internships section of the website for more detailed information about the process and the documents you need for your application. You must submit all your documentation at least 45 days before the start of your internship to BEFORE we can begin to process your application. Applications will not begin to be processed until all documents are complete and uploaded. Do NOT submit more than one application.

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