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Honors Contracts

Faculty- or Student-Initiated Contracts for Honors Credit


Types of Contracts

Student-Initiated Honors Contract


This contract will allow the student and faculty member to create an Honors experience in any lecture and/or laboratory course. The student initiates this application procedure by discussing the possibility with the instructor. Honors Contracts must involve a full-time faculty member. However, graduate students or part-time instructors could be involved in an honors contract if a full-time faculty member provided supervision and endorses the contract.

Faculty-Initiated Honors Contract


For this contract, faculty members announce the opportunity for more than one student to pursue Honors Credit in a Regular or Majors Course. Students may have unique assignments/expectations or the instructor may plan a group effort.

For Honors Capstone, Honors 298 and other contract forms and procedures visit the "Forms/Download" section.


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