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Dine with the Professor Program


The UHP is pleased to announce a great new program where you invite a professor to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and we pick up the tab!

A great way to get to know faculty and administrators is to have a one-on-one conversations outside of class. So often that 10 or 15 minutes after class simply isn't enough time--the discussion just gets going and you have to leave, or there are a number of people waiting to talk with the professor during office hours. The UHP Dine with a Professor Program is a great opportunity to meet with faculty in a casual setting and have a great conversation about class, your interests, research, or anything else that comes to mind!

Here's how it works: You invite a professor to have breakfast lunch or dinner with you (or a group of UHP students). Make a reservation for the Dine with a Professor Card by contacting the UHP (you use it to pay for the professor's meal). Enjoy your conversation and food and return the card to the UHP office afterwards. It's that simple!