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Experiential Learning Opportunities


Experiential learning opportunities stand at the center of the University Honors Program. These are direct or hands-on learning experiences which require a high investment of time and energy over an extended time, and which have been shown to yield unusually positive results in terms of learning and achievement. In addition to participating in the Honors Village and completing the Capstone project, both of which are experiential learning opportunities, the UHP encourages students to pursue others, such as those listed below. Students may substitute three to six hours of credit from the following experiences to fulfill UHP requirements. Students may contact their opportunity advisor for further information and support in getting started in these activities.

HON 298: Undergraduate Research

HON 298 is designed to allow students to earn research or independent study credit for individual or group work performed under faculty supervision.  A student’s work must involve self-reflection, independent and/or collaborative learning, project design and completion, and the capacity to develop, test, and modify project outcomes.  For information on current opportunities, students may visit:

HON 395: Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education is a working partnership between the student, the University, and the employer which enables students to earn college credit for learning on the job. The program creates a working-learning environment which is not normally possible in a college classroom. To receive credit, UHP students must include an independent or group research/creative project as part of their cooperative education experience. For information on current opportunities, students may visit:

HON 397: Extension/Engagement

Engaged scholarship is a type of collaborative research which takes place between University faculty and students, and those outside the academy for the mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources in a context of partnership and reciprocity.  UHP students must submit a report of that project, as well as a reflective journal that notes significant events over the course of the project, and the critical thinking and self-awareness that resulted from the activities.  For information on current opportunities, students may visit:

Study Abroad

While the UHP does not offer its own study abroad experience, UHP students are encouraged to use up to three hours of study abroad course credit to fulfill UHP requirements. On completion, students must submit a reflection paper which provides an introspective review of their study abroad experience. For information on current opportunities, students may visit: