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current students > seminars > fall 2011 schedule > seminar: On the Human > instructor: Dr. Gary L. Comstock

Honors Seminars Fall 2011 Instructors


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Instructor: Dr. Gary L. Comstock
  Professor of Philosophy
Gary L. Comstock is a professor of philosophy at NC State who does research on ethical questions in the biological sciences. He has written one book, Vexing Nature? On the Ethical Case Against Agricultural Biotechnology, which was called a "watershed" in the discussion of genetically modified foods. Another critic wrote that the book's nuanced treatment of both sides of the issue is "virtually unprecedented in applied philosophy." Comstock also edited the books Life Science Ethics, Religious Autobiographies, and Is There a Moral Obligation to Save the Family Farm?. For two years he was a Fellow at the National Humanities Center. He spends his free time listening to string quartets, dragging his walker at noon onto the basketball floor in Carmichael, and wondering what goes on in horses' heads.
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