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Honors Seminars Spring 2012 Instructors


| Dr. Molly M. Pryzwansky | Dr. John D. Morillo | Dr. Thomas P. Phillips | Dr. Jeffrey C. Leiter | Dr. Jennifer A. Nolan-Stinson | Dr. Tiffany L. Kershner | Dr. Sarah R. Stein | Dr. Richard L. Blanton | Dr. John W. Carroll | Dr. Marina F. Bykova | Dr. Gary L. Comstock | Dr. Robert I. Bruck | Mr. Darby Orcutt | Mr. Aaron J. Stoller | Dr. Richard L. Blanton |
Instructor: Dr. Jennifer A. Nolan-Stinson
  Teaching Assistant Professor
Dr. Jennifer Nolan-Stinson earned her Ph.D. in the interdisciplinary field of American Studies from the University of Maryland in 2008, and teaches courses on twentieth-century American literature and culture. In addition to the English and Science, Technology, and Society (STS) courses she regularly teaches, she has developed a new interdisciplinary course in American Studies for NC State, which will be offered for the first time during the spring 2012 semester. Her interest in interdisciplinary work began as an undergraduate at the University of Texas at Austin, where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa having majored in English and Philosophy, which she followed with an MA in English Language and Literature from the University of Virginia. She has published and presented on twentieth- and twenty-first century American reading practices, genre reading, teaching American literature, and the materiality of the book, and her current research interests include ethnographic approaches to studying reading and the intersections between consumption, display, design, and marketing of paperback books.
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