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seminars > spring 2013 schedule > seminar: Nero: Tyrant, or Tragic Figure? > instructor: Dr. Molly M. Pryzwansky

Honors Seminars Spring 2013 Instructors


| Dr. Molly M. Pryzwansky | Dr. Tiffany L. Kershner | Dr. James S. Mulholland | Dr. Thomas A. Wallis | Dr. Elvira L. Vilches | Dr. John T. Ambrose | Dr. J. Mark Scearce | Dr. Richard L. Blanton | Dr. Richard L. Blanton | Dr. John W. Carroll | Dr. Marina F. Bykova | Dr. Gary L. Comstock | Dr. Robert I. Bruck | Mr. Darby Orcutt | Ms. Carolyn P. Veale |

Dr. Molly M. Pryzwansky

Molly Pryzwansky received her B.A. in Classical Civilizations from Wellesley College (Phi Beta Kappa, with honors). Her Ph.D. in Classical Studies comes from Duke University, where she was the recipient of the Bass Advanced Instructorship in 2006-7. In 2007-8, Dr. Pryzwansky held the Kathryn Conway Preyer Fellowship for Advanced Study in History from Wellesley College for her work on Suetonius, a second-century Roman biographer. Dr. Pryzwansky has also studied at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, the American Academy in Rome, and the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome. Her article on the reception of Cornelius Nepos was recently published in the Classical Journal ("Cornelius Nepos: Key Issues and Critical Approaches," CJ 105.2 [2009-10]: 97-108). She is currently at work on an article on Suetonius' presentation of Livia's funeral in the Tiberius.
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