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seminars > spring 2013 schedule > seminar: All Consuming Petroleum: Car Culture and the Oil Industry > instructor: Dr. Thomas A. Wallis

Honors Seminars Spring 2013 Instructors


| Dr. Molly M. Pryzwansky | Dr. Tiffany L. Kershner | Dr. James S. Mulholland | Dr. Thomas A. Wallis | Dr. Elvira L. Vilches | Dr. John T. Ambrose | Dr. J. Mark Scearce | Dr. Richard L. Blanton | Dr. Richard L. Blanton | Dr. John W. Carroll | Dr. Marina F. Bykova | Dr. Gary L. Comstock | Dr. Robert I. Bruck | Mr. Darby Orcutt | Ms. Carolyn P. Veale |

Dr. Thomas A. Wallis

Tom Wallis is a Senior Lecturer in Film Studies and the Assistant Director of the Film Studies Program at NCSU. He co-authored the textbook Film: A Critical Introduction (now in its 3rd edition), has published on Ken Russell's Tommy, and currently has an upcoming piece on director Lynne Ramsay. He is the co-chair of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival's Selection Committee and also serves on Full Frame's Programming Committee. In 2011, he received the CHASS Outstanding Lecturer Award.
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