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seminars > spring 2013 schedule > seminar: Race, Class, and Eugenics: A Look into the Role Race and Class has played in Eugenics and North Carolina Eugenics > instructor: Ms. Carolyn P. Veale

Honors Seminars Spring 2013 Instructors


| Dr. Molly M. Pryzwansky | Dr. Tiffany L. Kershner | Dr. James S. Mulholland | Dr. Thomas A. Wallis | Dr. Elvira L. Vilches | Dr. John T. Ambrose | Dr. J. Mark Scearce | Dr. Richard L. Blanton | Dr. Richard L. Blanton | Dr. John W. Carroll | Dr. Marina F. Bykova | Dr. Gary L. Comstock | Dr. Robert I. Bruck | Mr. Darby Orcutt | Ms. Carolyn P. Veale |

Ms. Carolyn P. Veale

     Assistant Director
Carolyn Veale is Assistant Director for the University Honors Program. Her primary focus in the position has included recruitment, admissions, advising, and assessment. She has worked for NC State for the past fourteen years. Her positions have included Residence Director, Advisor for the College of Management, Assistant Coordinator for the Teaching Fellows Program, and Assistant Director of Student Services and Students Advocating for Youth for the College of Education. She has taught ECD 220 - College Student Development and Peer Counseling, ED 201 and 202 - Sophomore Teaching Fellows Forum, USC 110 - Freshman Advancement Seminar, ED 150 Students Advocating for Youth Seminar, and HON 398-On Being Ethical . Carolyn has received a BA in Political Science and a BA in Public Relations from NC State University, a M.Ed. in Adult Education from NC State University, and a Graduate Certificate (Spring 2012) in Counseling Education. Carolyn's areas of interest are racial identify development, social justice, and multi-cultural issues in educational and organizational settings.
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