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seminars > spring 2013 schedule > seminar: Words through Space and Time > instructor: Dr. Tiffany L. Kershner

Honors Seminars Spring 2013 Instructors


| Dr. Molly M. Pryzwansky | Dr. Tiffany L. Kershner | Dr. James S. Mulholland | Dr. Thomas A. Wallis | Dr. Elvira L. Vilches | Dr. John T. Ambrose | Dr. J. Mark Scearce | Dr. Richard L. Blanton | Dr. Richard L. Blanton | Dr. John W. Carroll | Dr. Marina F. Bykova | Dr. Gary L. Comstock | Dr. Robert I. Bruck | Mr. Darby Orcutt | Ms. Carolyn P. Veale |

Dr. Tiffany L. Kershner

     Adjunct Teaching Assistant Professor and Coordinator for Distinguished Scholarships and Fellowships
Hailing from a small coal-mining town in northeastern Pennsylvania , Dr. Tiffany Kershner began her training in anthropology at the University of Iowa where she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and with Distinction and Honors. After Iowa, she received a Masters Degree in Anthropology from SUNY-Albany. Her training continued at Indiana University where she focused on linguistics and African languages, completing another MA and then her doctorate in Linguistics. After several years teaching at Kansas State University, Dr. Kershner recently joined NC State in Fall 2011 as their new Coordinator for Distinguished Scholarships and Fellowships. Dr. Kershner has an extensive background in linguistic and cultural anthropology, descriptive linguistics, and African languages. She has done intensive fieldwork amongst the Sukwa culture of Malawi, through which she received funding through a Fulbright Fellowship and a National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant. She also served for two years as an Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at Carleton College. Some of her current research interests in language and culture include folk ethnobiological classification systems, African oral literature, language and gender, cultural semantics and pragmatics, and tense, aspect, and verb classification systems. She began a new linguistic documentation project in Comoros in the summer 2008.
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