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seminars > spring 2014 schedule > seminar: Interpreting American Cultures


Honors Seminars Spring 2014

Interpreting American Cultures

HON 296 Sec:002  
3 hours  
GEP Category:
Interdisciplinary Perspectives; US Diversity  
HVC Conference Room  
Dr. Jennifer Anne Nolan-Stinson

What does it mean to study America? What does it mean to be an American? This course will provide an introduction to the interdisciplinary study of American culture through an exploration of questions asked and methods used for studying texts, objects, and people in the field of American Studies. Though these methods are applicable across time, our focus will be primarily on twentieth- and twenty-first-century American experiences and cultures, and topics to be considered include literary and popular texts, music, clothing, and historical and contemporary accounts of everyday lives. By the end of the course, students will be able to produce textual and cultural analyses of written and physical objects, as well as to conduct research with living people using ethnographic tools. This course will include one field trip arranged through the Honors program.