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seminars > spring 2014 schedule > seminar: Pollination: Biology & Economics


Honors Seminars Spring 2014

Pollination: Biology & Economics

HON 297 Sec:001  
3 hours  
GEP Category:
Interdisciplinary Perspectives  
FYC Commons 00108  
Dr. John T. Ambrose

The pollination of our foods is of utmost importance to our society and to our standard of living, both in the US and throughout the world.  This course takes a look at the seemingly wide array of biotic pollinators including insects. birds, bats, small mammals, man, etc.  Emphasis is placed on the honey bee as our premier pollinator with a close look at its biology, behavior, economics, and association with man.  We then go on to compare the other pollinators with the honey bee which is unfortunately seriously declining in numbers throughout the world.  We also look at the economics of pollination and the impact of such factors as succession and global warming on our pollinators.  We finish the semester by examining a word without honey bees: what it would be like and what we could do about it.