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seminars > fall 2013 schedule > seminar: Self, Schooling, and the Social Order


Honors Seminars Fall 2013

Self, Schooling, and the Social Order

HON 295 Sec:002  
3 hours  
GER Cat:
Social Sciences  
Clark Hall 205  
Mr. Aaron J. Stoller
Lecturer/Assistant Director
Restrictions: N/A  

Paulo Freire wrote that there are only two approaches to education: either it is used to "bring about conformity or it becomes the practice of freedom..." Freire, who was an educator, philosopher, and activist, imagined that education was a site of social and cultural resistance and, therefore, should become a form of freedom from the oppression of social norms and culturally defined roles. Different theorists and critics have imagined education otherwise: as a space where students become democratic citizens, as a method to socialize persons into an overly administrated society, as a space designed to cultivate personal identity, or as a way to train obedient workers. All of these educational imaginaries are a way of viewing the unique interrelationship between the self, schooling and the social order.

The purpose of this course is to examine several of these educational imaginaries through the lens of revolutionary texts in education. This course will, then, have a dual motion. We will first survey major social theories a way of understanding how societies and selves are related and structured. Secondarily, and within the context of those theories, we will read breakthrough texts in education: texts that challenge, redefine, and question not only the role schooling plays in society, but also how schooling serves as a way to produce particular types of citizens.