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current students > seminars > spring 2012 schedule > seminar: Missing Piece: You and Your Capstone Project (Demystifying the UHP Capstone)


Honors Seminars Spring 2012

Missing Piece: You and Your Capstone Project (Demystifying the UHP Capstone)

HON 398 Sec:003  
1 hours  
GER Cat:
12:25 - 13:40  
Clark Hall 205  
Dr. Richard L. Blanton
Professor and Director

Ever wonder what exactly research or capstone projects are and how they relate to you and your education? In this class we will be exploring the definition of research and capstones and how to get involved in your own projects, both on-campus, in the greater Raleigh area, and abroad. Students will explore their academic interests as well as their motivations for conducting research. Seminars will include both class discussions and guest student and faculty speakers, and will prepare students for the beginning of their required capstone project. This class will focus on both STEM and non-STEM research topics, so every concentration is welcome.

This is a student-led course conducted under Dr. Blanton's supervision. The student instructors:

Michelle Phillips is a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering and has been conducting research on campus since August of her freshmen year. Her research experience includes both engineering and scientific research as well as working on interdisciplinary projects under the guidance of Dr. Elizabeth Loboa. Her current research interests are in the calibration and validation of a cyclical tensile strain bioreactor and preparing a collaborative research project on the design of roller coasters and theme parks and how it effects business of the parks. Michelle's work has been presented in several national conferences and she will be a co-author of two upcoming papers.

Kim Schreiber is a sophomore in Animal Science and has been working on a research database since her Junior year of high school. Her research experience includes statistical compilation, hands on data collection (including blood sampling), and processing of data with the College of Veterinary Medicine under the supervision of Dr. Callie Fogle. Her current project is helping to assemble the ongoing Colic Database for the NCSU CVM. She is planning on continuing this project, along with beginning others to complete her pre-veterinary hour requirements and her capstones, probably centering around large animal soft tissue surgery.