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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Honors Contracts

Do I need to have the contract approved before starting my assigned project?

Once the UHP have received the signed Honors Contract, the student can proceed with the assigned project. An e-mail will be sent to the student and professor after the contract is approved.


When will we know our contract is approved?

Once the UHP has approved the Honors Contract, an approval e-mail will be sent to the student and professor of the course.


When will I receive my “H” credit?

After we have received the Honors Course Report Form from the professor, a memorandum is sent to R&R for the student to have the “REQ Designation: Completed Honors Requirement” on their transcript. The “H” credit is no longer on the student’s transcript by R&R


The deadline has passed; can I still turn in my initiated-honors contract?

The UHP has a target date for faculty and students to submit all Faculty- or Student-Initiated Honors Contracts 10 days after classes start. We will continue to accept Honors Contracts throughout the current semester.


My professor never turned in the honors contract and I completed my project, can he/she still turn it in?

As long as the professor completes a Faculty-Initiated Honors Contract and agree for the student to complete an assigned project for Honors Credit, the paper work and a detailed summary of the assigned project can still be turned in to the UHP.


My professor no longer works at NC State University, how am I going to get my grade?

For all academic concerns or issues, the student will need to communicate with the department/college of the course the professor taught.


Is it possible to complete an honors contract for a summer class?

Yes, students can submit Honors Contracts during summer sessions.



University Honors Program(UHP) Admissions

What is the difference between the UHP and the Scholars Program?


The University Honors Program is designed to prepare excellent students for admission to and success within graduate and professional schools, for excellent jobs in the chosen field of study, and to position students for major national scholarships and fellowships. The Program centers on NC State’s mission and institutional strengths in discovery, inquiry and creativity based learning. Honors students are provided with many opportunities to gain a superior education through in and out of class experiences that will connect students to one another as well as the faculty and campus at large. Honors students will spend 75% of their program time focusing on developing their academic lives and 25% on enrichment activities.


The University Scholars Program (USP) is a living-learning program that provides personal, professional and leadership development for outstanding students. The program enriches the undergraduate experience through a series of carefully designed experiences that introduce students to the visual and performing arts, encourage them to consider contemporary issues drawn from the sciences and politics, offer them opportunities to connect their academic and career goals, and challenge them to be leaders in and active contributors to our society. Scholars students will spend 75% of their program time focusing on enrichment activities and 25% on academic coursework activities.


My son/daughter would like to tour a room in the Honors Village, is that possible?


Visitors and prospective students can contact the University Honors Program to set up a meeting with staff to discuss the Honors Program and to be escorted around the Village.  The Honors Village does not have a room set aside to show prospective students.


Can I still apply if the deadline for completing the UHP application has passed?

Sometimes the University Honors Program is in a position to grant an extension if the application deadline has expired.  This normally can occur from January to early March during the admissions cycle. Extensions are granted on a case by case basis. Please email the University Honors Program at regarding any extension request.


If I join the Scholars program, can I change to the UHP after my first semester?


Students that are currently in the University Scholars Program can apply to the University Honors Program during their first two semesters at NC State University.  The admission process for current students run from late December to early January after the completion of the fall semester and from late May to early June after the completion of the spring semester.  If a student is in the University Scholars Program and has earned at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA and completed at least 12 credit hours they can request an invitation to apply.  A current USP first year student can request the invitation to apply by contacting the University Honors Program at and request an invitation to apply.

Can I have a roommate who is not in the UHP?

Members of the UHP, residing in the Honors Village, can bring in a preferred roommate who is not in the UHP. This can be done either during the Housing Re-Application process during Spring Semester for continuing students or by requesting a student on the Housing Application for new, entering students.


What can you tell me about the UHP?


The University Honors Program offers a series of Honors Seminars and workshops, and requires a significant capstone research or artistic/creative experience in the discipline that focuses on the creation or expansion of new knowledge. The Seminars are designed to promote the importance of discovery, inquiry and creativity in small (20-25 students) discussion-based classes. Regardless of the course topic, students will come to understand both the history and consequences (ethical dilemmas, social and political changes, and the like) of discoveries, inventions, new art forms, new ideas, and books. Honors students are required to complete a total of 18 credit hours: 12 hours of Honors Seminars and, in consultation with a faculty mentor, a 6 credit hour capstone project.

The University Honors Program also provides students with tickets to a variety of cultural events on the NC State campus and in Raleigh. Other special events, such as cookouts, movie nights, and other social events, as well as a variety of academic programs


What are the requirements to stay in the UHP?

You must maintain a TGPA of 3.25 or higher and must be active in the program.


Why wasn’t I invited to the UHP?


Admission to the UHP is not automatic and a separate application is required. Prospective students can obtain an application one of two ways:

  1. Students that have been accepted to NC State and meet the following academic criteria
    a. 1300 SAT score – Critical Reading and Math only and
    b. 4.5 weighted/or 3.75 unweighted GPA

  2. Students that have been admitted to NC State and fall short of the criteria can self-invite. To request an invitation a prospective student should call the UHP office at 919.513.4078 and request an invitation.


Invitations to apply to the UHP correspond with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions notification dates. The UHP generally sends out invitations about 1 week after a notification date.

The UHP application process is electronic. Admitted students are notified through their WolfPAW account and an email alert that they have been granted access to the application. Students are issued a deadline to complete their application. Students can request an extension by contacting the UHP office. Applications are submitted via the WolfPAW account.


I didn’t receive an application through the mail, how do you apply for the UHP?

Email us at leave your information so that we can add you to self-invite list. We will need your full name, address, email address and phone number.


Do I have to stay in the Honors Village to be in the UHP?

Members of the UHP are not required to live in the Honors Village. However, there are a great many benefits to living in the Village. The Honors Village is located in the Honors Quad, which consists of Bagwell, Becton and Berry Halls. These halls all received a recent multi-million dollar renovation within the last 5 years. Upper-class UHP members serve as fellows/mentors to new students living in this residential area. The programming efforts of the student staff is geared toward the special interests and needs of Honor students. And finally, the Honors Village is in the same area of campus as Clark Hall, which houses the University Honors Program Offices and serves as the site of many HON seminar courses.


Can I substitute a class for a HON class?

Other courses may be considered for seminar replacement, subject to approval by the UHP Director. Note that those courses must be three-hour credit hours and passed with a grade of B- or better (S/U will not count).


Can a transfer student enter the UHP?

Students with a 3.75 cumulative grade point average after the first semester and/or first year are invited to submit an application to join the UHP.


Can I have my requested application sent to a personal account other than WolfPaw?

Prospective students are only allowed to apply to the University Honors Program via their WolfPaw account.


As a junior transfer student can/should I apply to the UHP?

The NC State UHP is geared towards new freshmen and sophomore students, as many of the required Honors seminars are applied toward NC State General Education Requirements (GERs). No matter when you are admitted into the UHP, you still have to complete the same academic requirements of the program. All UHP students must complete 18 credit hours of HON seminars; 6 of which are the "capstone" research experience students typically engage in during their junior or senior years. 


What is a waiver and how do I apply for one?

Any semester a student is not enrolled in an HON seminar, they must contact their UHP advisor to request a “waiver” to not take a seminar. There are many reasons a student might no be taking a seminar – required courses for degree program, sections don’t fit during available times, studying abroad, co-op, etc. The waiver indicates a student’s desires to continue in the program.


What is the Honors Capstone?

In academic (and hence UHP) terms, a Capstone is a culminating experience, a project that demonstrates a student has developed an integrated understanding of their major field of study and can apply the tools and modes of inquiry of that field, thereby generating new knowledge. UHP students come from every college and hence represent a wide diversity of disciplines, each of which has its own unique modes of inquiry and means of presenting new knowledge. Therefore, we cannot define a single means for completing the Honors Capstone. Some departments already have a Capstone or Capstone-like experience, required of all majors. In that case, UHP students will need to define what it is about their departmental capstone that makes it different from those of non-UHP students in their department.


When the UHP states that it is the program of research and scholarship in the discipline, does that mean it awards scholarships?


Unfortunately, the University Honors Program does not award scholarships. Many students in the University Honors Program do receive a variety of financial scholarships, but those scholarships are from other sources. To learn more about financial scholarship opportunities prospective and current students should contact the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid.

When the University Honors Program refers to scholarship we are referring to the discipline, method and attainment of knowledge. Scholarship refers to the knowledge our students obtain from research and study.


How do I apply for an Undergraduate Research Award?

Due to the economic climate in State of North Carolina, we are unable to offer these awards at this time.


What is the difference between an HON seminar and an honors class?

HON seminar requirements are different from taking the H-section of a course and do not meet the HON seminar credit requirement. HON seminars are designed as small group, discussion based courses; whereas H-sections to most courses indicate an additional requirement to the course (ie: longer research paper, oral presentation, required lab work, etc) to further engage higher achieving students. On the Honors Program website, there is a list of both HON seminars and H-sections. See Although H-section courses do not count towards HON requirement, most academic departments have honors programs specific to your college and these H-sections could count towards that distinction.


What opportunities does the UHP offer?


The University Honors Program (UHP) recruits and provides programmatic support to a nationally outstanding and diverse group of students drawn from all the undergraduate colleges at NC State. The UHP stimulates, supports, and empowers its students to participate in the research and extension and engagement missions of NC State. The UHP provides innovative courses that support its research focus by emphasizing inquiry, discovery, interdisciplinarity, and the broader implications of new knowledge. The UHP supports programs that provide discovery opportunities to all NC State students and that recognize academic excellence campus-wide.


Advantages and Benefits

Enriching Honors Seminars

Honors Seminars (HON) are unique, special topics courses taught through the UHP and available only to UHP Students. In most circumstances these Seminars fulfill University General Education Requirements (GER).

You must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours of Honors Seminars with a grade of B- or better. One Seminar may be substituted with an approved study abroad course/research experience, independent study or project, a semester of co-operative education experience, or other approved semester or summer academic/research/extension projects at NCSU or elsewhere. Please contact us for more information.

Small Class Size

Our Seminars are typically limited to 20-25 students. UHP students also may pursue other Honors opportunities, including Honors Independent Study, Honors Study Abroad, and Honors Co-operative Education working one-on-one or in a small group with a faculty member.

Outstanding Faculty

The UHP sponsors special events for students throughout the year. From a Writers Speaker Series to workshops that position you for admission to graduate or professional schools, the UHP continues its tradition and dedication to academic excellence through co-curricular activities.

Honors Special Events and Workshops

The UHP sponsors special events for students throughout the year. In the past, we have worked with the Student Honors Governing Board (SHGB) to host a Southern Writers Speaker Series and a welcome picnic. Throughout the year we will provide workshops to position you for admission to graduate or professional schools, for major national scholarships, grant writing, resume development, and other interesting topics.

Extended Library Loan Privileges

UHP students receive the same extended loan periods as graduate students (90 days) on materials checked out from the D.H. Hill Library

Priority Registration

UHP students receive priority course registration, helping to ensure their first selection of courses.

Honors Research or Honors Creative Project

You must complete a minimum of 6 credit hours of Honors Independent Study or Honors Undergraduate Research that culminates in a creative project or thesis. Students work in consultation with a faculty member on the project design and in selecting a research topic. Typically, students choose to pursue the research or creative project in the major.


Is there an opportunity to get a Honors Program scholarship?

Currently, we do not have a UHP Scholarship.  There are opportunities on campus to receive scholarships:


I want to live in the Honors Village, how do I fill out the housing form?

On the housing form, fill out the form to live on campus. Additionally there will be a page that asks if you would like to reside in a village. Please preference the Honors Village. Bagwell and Becton halls will not be options for you until you have been accepted to the University Honors Program.



UHP Seminars

If I enroll in a HON 298 seminar how do I change this course from being a 1 hour course to being a 2 or 3 hour course?

Login to your MYPACK Portal account, you will then go to "Class Schedule" and the EDIT button on your schedule. You may only do this during the registration period. After that, you must print out the proper forms, get necessary approvals, and go through Registration and Records.