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Village Life

images of popcorn vending, students on floor of shack in Shack-a-Thon and a formal dance
The Honors Village is truly the best of both worlds.

The Honors Village is truly the best of both worlds: a small community surrounded by a top-value university offering endless academic and social opportunities. Most entering Honors students and many of our upperclassmen live in the Honors Village, which is centrally located on East Campus within easy walking distance of almost every college and many parks and recreational areas.

When you live in the Village, you are only minutes away from virtually all of your classes, Talley Student Center, D.H. Hill Library and lots of sporting facilities. But the Honors Village is more than just convenient – it’s also a world unto itself, built specifically to meet the needs of gifted students focused on attaining academic excellence while leading a balanced life that leaves room for socializing, physical activity, personal enrichment and just plain fun.

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If you have specific questions about the Honors Village, please contact Community Director Brian Peters: