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Beyond Academic Excellence

If you're performing near the top of your class academically, chances are good you know how to work hard and focus on your goals. We congratulate you on your initiative — and we'd like to tell you about a special program at NC State Universty in Raleigh, N.C. designed for students just like you. The NC State University Honors Program takes talented academic achievers pursuing all majors — math, science, engineeering, the arts and humanities and more — then develops them in to leaders in their fields, capable of performing at a whole new level of excellence. The University Honors Program teaches you the values of self-confidence, curiosity and exploration, then shows you how these skills can transform you from being a knowledge' consumer into a knowledge maker. We expose you to new ideas and new ways of thinking. We open your mind, equip your intelligence and teach you valuable leadership skills, Our goal is to give you the vision and confidence to push beyond your own abilities and accepted boundaries of knowledge — opening the' door to a limitless future for you.