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The Honors Village Residence Halls

The Honors Village is a collaborative partnership between the University Honors Program and University Housing that provides the opportunity to learn and live in a vibrant community.

The Village consists of three traditional style residence halls (Bagwell, Becton and Berry), a community building (the Honors Village Commons), a centralized green space (including volleyball court), and Clark Dining Hall. The community also connects directly to Clark Hall which houses the Honors Program offices, UHP library and seminar room – all of which offer wireless internet.

What sets the Honors Village apart are its students, who range from Freshmen to Seniors, representing all of the Colleges at NCSU. Along with the Village Scholar-in-Residence, the students create an environment which fosters meaningful, cross-disciplinary dialogue, creative inquiry and fun, transforming this residential setting into a truly engaged community of scholars. 


Residential Experience:

The Honors Village provides students with a unique residential community and offers many engaging student-led programs.

Located nearby is Thompson Theater, and Pullen Park. The Honors Village Commons building contains a twenty-four hour service desk, a convenience store, computer lab, and student activity spaces. Additionally, the Honors Program Office, located in Clark Hall, offers a student lounge, wireless computing, and small library where students can find a quiet place to study.

Academic Experience:

The Honors program offers a series of Honors Seminars and workshops and requires a capstone research or artistic/creative experience in the discipline that focuses on the creation or expansion of new knowledge. Students will come to understand both the history and consequences of discoveries, inventions, new art forms, new ideas, and books. A total of 18 credit hours are required: 12 hours of Honors Seminars, and, in consultation with a faculty mentor, a 6 credit hour capstone project.

Honors Village Features:

For more information on the Honors Village, contact: 

Brian Peters,
Community Director