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What is the University Honors Program(UHP)?


The primary goal of the University Honors Program (UHP) is to transform students from being knowledge consumers to knowledge producers. As such, the research and land-grant mission of the greater University stands at the core of the Program.

The UHP provides courses, experiences and environments which challenge students to take charge of their academic program; to explore cross-disciplinary approaches to historical, scientific, and cultural issues; to gain understanding and perspective on human achievement and the pursuit of meaning in the human experience; and to engage in research and the creation of new knowledge.

Students are required to take 12-credits of HON seminars, which are small, graduate-style seminars taught by some of the University’s most distinguished faculty. HON seminars are designed to encourage and enable students to become independent investigators and, therefore, focus on the interdisciplinary nature of research, scholarship, and creativity, including the origins and implications of new knowledge.

During the course of a student’s experience, the Program also offers a number of high-impact learning experiences designed to extend and support its core curriculum. These include things like weekly conversations with NCSU faculty, a robust living-learning community, and personalized opportunity advising.

The Program culminates with the Honors Capstone which is a two-semester, six-credit hour independent research project, guided by a faculty mentor. The Capstone demonstrates a student has developed an integrated understanding of their major field of study and can apply the tools and modes of inquiry of that field, thereby generating new knowledge.